Ratel Investments

Ratel's Differentiation

The equity Ratel provides real estate operating partners is differentiated from other institutional sources in several key ways.

Long-Term Perspective

Ratel is not solely focused on short-term investment time horizons, rather, our approach is to invest in longer-term value creation opportunities, typically with 3 - 5 year or longer hold periods in order to capitalize on recurring cash flow and long-term capital appreciation. Occasionally, we will provide equity for projects with an anticipated ten-year or longer investment horizon.

Flexible Underwriting

We provide our operating partners with a greater degree of financing flexibility than many institutional equity providers are able to offer. Our capital is not limited by the pre determined structure of an investment fund or the constraints of an investment committee. We do not require that our funds be returned on a fixed timeline provided an investment continues to grow in value. Further, Ratel can accommodate smaller equity needs, often as little as $2 million. Finally, we are able to structure investments whereby we co-exist with an institutional equity provider by contributing the majority of the sponsor-side equity.

Operational Flexibility

After funding an investment, Ratel’s strategy is to provide our partners with a high degree of operational flexibility so that they can navigate turbulent markets should they arise.  We work interactively with our operating partners to revise business plans to reflect changes in the marketplace.  Ratel is committed to rapid decision making and transparent and concise communications, all of which we believe are key to profitable investments and successful business relationships.

We invite potential real estate operating partners seeking private equity funding to learn more about our investment parameters and investment process.