Ratel Investments

Operating Partners

Successful joint venture relationships with real estate operating partners are the cornerstone of Ratel’s business. We work with operators who have solid financial track records, deep expertise in specific real estate asset classes and extensive marketplace knowledge. Ratel’s role is that of a financial partner to our operating partners. We do not find nor do we directly manage real estate assets. Rather, we provide private equity to qualified sponsors who require $2 – 8 million in third-party funds. We participate as a non-managing equity provider either solely or alongside an institutional equity provider.We look to our operating partners to source, renovate and manage the properties in which we jointly invest. In addition, our operating partners, with our input, secure the financing required to purchase a property and oversee the refinancing and/or ultimate disposition of an asset when its maximum value has been achieved.

Ratel’s core investment focus is large multi-family (including for-rent senior housing communities) and retail properties, typically Class B assets, which offer value-creation potential. We give preference to existing assets over ground-up developments and prioritize investments which provide cash flow over opportunities based primarily on capital appreciation. Selectively, Ratel will provide equity for real estate strategies that fall outside of our primary focus.

We invite potential real estate operating partners seeking private equity funding to learn more about how Ratel provides a differentiated solution for our partners, our investment parameters and our investment process.