Ratel Investments


Ratel Investments LP is a real estate investment firm.  We help create and preserve wealth for investors through commercial real estate investments.  Our clients are high net worth individuals, family offices and trusts who enjoy the financial benefits of commercial real estate ownership without the burden of having to directly identify, purchase and manage complex commercial properties.  Ratel utilizes a disciplined and patient investment approach, and we work with a select group of experienced real estate operating partners to generate our financial returns.  Since our founding in 2001, we have deployed more than $75 million of equity in more than 30 investments whose combined value exceeds $500 million.

The core building blocks of Ratel’s business are:

Investor Focus

Ratel is an investor driven firm; the prosperity of our investors always comes first.  We utilize a preferred return structure for our investments so that investor equity is always rewarded before Ratel or our real estate operating partner receive any material compensation.  We insulate our investors from unexpected capital calls and property-level liability.  And we utilize a low fee structure so that our compensation is virtually 100% performance based.  As a result, Ratel only participates in the profits of an investment after our investors have achieved or are exceeding their targeted returns.  Finally, in order to ensure the alignment of interests between our investors and our firm, Ratel’s principals personally co-invest 10% of the equity we raise for each investment on the same economic terms as our investors.

Attractive Returns

Our core investment focus is directed at income producing properties that yield stable, tax preferred cash flows with the potential for strong capital appreciation.  See the Performance section of this web site for further detail.

Capital Preservation       and Wealth Creation

Most high net worth investors lack the local real estate knowledge and time to find, negotiate and finance a property or a portfolio of real estate assets; the desire and skills to manage these assets; and sufficient capital to purchase assets of adequate size in order to gain the advantages of economies of scale.  However, commercial real estate assets offer clear financial benefits in an investment portfolio, including higher returns and lower volatility.  Further, real estate provides a current yield that has historically exceeded the fixed income market and high tax efficiency.  Ratel offers high net worth individuals the opportunity to invest in large, commercial real estate assets in order to preserve and create wealth without the substantial challenges of sole ownership.  See the Why Invest in Real Estate section of this web site for further detail.

Value Creation

Ratel’s primary investment focus is multi–tenant assets in strong local markets that have correctable cosmetic, operational or marketing flaws at the time of acquisition.  We believe that our value-add business model provides us with the opportunity to accelerate both the cash flow and capital appreciation of a property, thus increasing the all-in return for our investors.  See the Why Invest with Ratel section of this web site for further details on how our firm adds value to our investments.