Ratel Investments

Financial Advisors

Many financial advisors and wealth managers understand that directly owned commercial real estate assets can increase the overall returns, reduce the volatility and provide valuable diversification for their clients’ financial portfolios.  Ratel works with financial advisors to provide real estate investments that fit the needs of their high net worth clients.  We collaborate, not disintermediate, financial advisors who understand that a relationship with Ratel Investments can provide them with a differentiated financial product that may be appropriate for many of their clients’ needs.   

Specifically, Ratel’s real estate offerings provide financial advisors with an alternative to real estate investment trusts (REITs) for clients who wish to add real estate to their portfolios.  Most advisors recognize that while a REIT’s underlying assets are commercial real estate properties, REITs, because they are equities, do not provide true financial diversification.  Studies have shown that REIT returns are correlated to the broader equity and debt markets and, historically, have had higher volatility than directly owned real estate assets.  Further, REITs are materially tax disadvantaged when compared to directly held real estate which enjoys the added economic benefits of depreciation and long-term capital gains.

We invite financial advisors and wealth managers to learn more about why investing in real estate in conjunction with Ratel can provide your clients with a more stable, higher yielding financial portfolio.